The Team of Ibrahim Moosa Lawyers & Legal Consultants

Our team has the capabilities and expertise of academic and practical practices and organizational skill that gives them the ability to organize judicial topics in advance to determine the best strategy for the organization and management of defense and to develop the best solutions and possible legal clues for any case.

Our team is committed to dealing with our clients responsibly and amicably, away from materialistic manners.

We explain to our clients, after carefully listening to their cases, their position and legal status objectively without any embellishment, exaggeration or unrealistic promises that cannot be achieved, so the clients will be able to determine their next steps with full awareness and conviction.

Moreover, we provide the first consultation for the clients for FREE.

In case they desire to follow up the case, their cases shall be assigned to our best specialized lawyers in this field to determine the follow-up plan and strategy and for the completion of necessary documents, files and procedures for following up the case.