About Ibrahim Moosa Lawyers & Legal Consultants

Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the pioneering legal law firms in the United Arab Emirates.

we have a selection of the most prominent and talented specialized legal lawyers, consultants and researchers who graduated from the most prestigious universities and institutions of Higher Education inside and outside UAE.

Further, our employees have practical experiences gained through their practice in many cases to the extent that they have great and extensive knowledge about the UAE laws.

Accordingly, our employees have managed to join several senior leadership positions in their major in the UAE and the Gulf region.

Dear our clients and visitors, if you are looking for a leading office to receive and comprehend your cases in all legal requirements including commercial, penal, companies, civil cases…etc., @ Ibrahim Mousa Advocates & Legal Consultant you will find all your requirements.

We undertake the most difficult cases which cannot be held by other law firms.

This is not a claim or privilege we give ourselves, but it is a fact witnessed by courtrooms and benches in all cases we have received.

We are keen on the goodwill of our office, our transparency, the quality of our work, and the satisfaction of our clients and principals.