Experienced Real Estate Case Dispute Consultant in Dubai UAE

Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultants has hired an elite of legal consultants, lawyers and researchers licensed in the United Arab Emirates with the highest scientific qualifications and practical experience in real estate cases and disputes to act on behalf of the clients before all courts in the State, special judicial committees, Department of Land and municipality in the cases filed by or against the clients.

Moreover, legal consultancy has been provided pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates in various fields such as:

- Foreigners' ownership of land and real estate in the United Arab Emirates and real estate investment;

- Preparation and drafting of investment contracts for land, real estate development, construction and engineering designs;

- Submitting complaints and having satisfactory settlement for the clients;

- Follow-up the implementation of judicial decisions; and

- Management of real estate and drafting contracts thereof.

The success achieved by Ibrahim Moosa law firm in the courtyards and before the judiciary in the various cases managed thereby has proved distinguished efficiency and great experience of its teamwork.

The Real Estate Law for Purchasers and Sellers in Dubai and the matter it includes, such as property ownership, popular freehold investment areas in Dubai, types of real estate ownership for non-GCC nationals, Real Estate Brokers Regulation Law and additional regulations relating to real estate brokers, Real Estate Mortgage Law, and Jointly Owned Property Law "STRATA", real estate dispute resolution, charges, fees, and other complicated issues related real estate disputes and cases, which require clients and principals to seek trustful law firms that can avoid injustice and recover their rights.

This is what is presented by Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultant.