Land, Maritime and Air Transport Agencies Legal Consultant in Dubai UAE

We are engaged in providing the best services to all companies working in the field of air, land and maritime transportation.

We handle the following tasks related these fields:

- The business of tourism and travel agencies, maritime agencies, transportation and air, land and maritime clearance;

- Preparation of contracts of transportation, aircraft and vessels leasing and mortgage, in addition to taking required procedures for mortgage registration, foreclosure, and following up disputes arising from the labor contracts, whether with the forums of protection and insurance, or with insurance companies;

- Representation of clients before the judiciary and competent judicial committees in all cases related to air, maritime or land transportation;

- Taking all precautionary measures related to aircrafts, vessels and vehicles and banning them from traveling outside the United Arab Emirates;

- Filing claims for compensations arising from collisions, drowning, loss or damage accidents;

- Collection of clients' rights from third party; and

- Offering legal consultancy;

A group of qualified licensed legal consultants, lawyers and researchers in the State with high educational qualifications and practical experience shall conduct all these tasks.

Within a short period of time, the United Arab Emirates completed over three decades an advanced infrastructure of road, bridge, tunnel, airport, port networks and other infrastructure projects

There are also dozens of seaports along the country's coastline.

Eight major ports, representing the main sea ports, are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technical equipment for huge vessels.

Furthermore, free zones that offer many facilities to encourage investors to establish commercial and industrial projects that serve the national economy are established.

Due to its comprehensive experience in all cases and legal topics relevant to its field of specialization, Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultant Law Firm assigned the matters related to the regulations, legislations, programs of land and maritime transport and its legislative, legal, economic and technical bases to an elite group of lawyers, legal advisors and researchers to ensure the rights of its clients at the federal, local and international levels as well as organization and implementation of State policy in the land and maritime transport sector.