Civil Cases Consultant in Dubai UAE

Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultants has succeeded in playing a leading role and having a pioneering position among the top law firms in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to its distinguished cadres of legal consultants, lawyers and researchers who are accredited in the United Arab Emirates with qualifications and diplomas from the most prestigious local and international universities and practical experience.

The law firm's team has also represented the client before all courts and special judicial committees in the state with their different degrees, types and headquarters, whether in the cases filed by or against the client along with providing legal advice pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations in the state and following up the implementation of judicial rulings.

Our excellence and success are evidenced by our performance at the courtyards.

Many clients lack sufficient experience to choose a law firm or a qualified lawyer who can receive their cases, enable them to recover their rights, and protect them from any manipulation.

Whenever anyone falls in trouble or a legal problem, you find him referring to the lawyer who gives him hope, who promises that he would win the case.

Some customers take the bait, and they show all satisfaction to this group of lawyers unaware that all that glitters is not gold.

However, we see that the conscious client does not hand over his case to any law firm or lawyer before asking about the office and the lawyers to take note of the expertise of the lawyer who wishes to hand over his case to, whether in case of civil, personal cases…etc. This is what all the clients find in Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultant Law Firm.

Our office is distinguished by an elite of lawyers, consultants and legal researchers who explain to their principals their position without any exaggeration or false claim that the principal would pay for badly.