Best Labor Cases Law Consultants in Dubai UAE

Ibrahim Moosa law firm has long experience in labor cases, disputes and settlements thereof, thanks to its distinguished team of licensed legal consultants, lawyers, researchers, who have high educational qualifications and practical experience.

The law firm's services in this field include the following:

- To represent the client before courts in the United Arab Emirates, special judicial committees and labor offices in the cases filed by or against the client under the labor law;

- To provide legal consultancy pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations in the State;

- To submit complaints to labor offices and have satisfactory settlement for the client; and

- To follow up the implementation of judicial rulings.

Groups of specialists in our law firm are pursing these services, ascertaining their excellence in the courtyards and the judiciary.

The employment opportunities available in all projects and economic activities in the UAE have attracted a large part of the foreign labor force, where this working class constitutes about 86% of the population of the State, and belongs to more than 200 nationalities.

Despite the respect expressed by the UAE to rights of workers therein and to preserve their rights, it is exposed to criticism from international human rights organizations, which makes it very keen on asserting its integrity in defending the rights of all workers in its territory.

In view of the number of foreign workers in the UAE, there are chances for individual cases of abuse.

This is why there is a dire need for those who receive the case of these labor disputes in various aspects to protect the rights of workers, including the fields of employment, wages, accommodation, medical insurance…etc.

Our Law Firm provides the most qualified cadres of lawyers and legal advisors familiar with labor laws applicable in the State to guarantee the rights of clients, in accordance with the regulations and laws in force in the State.