Top Personal Status and Inheritance Case Consultant in Dubai UAE

Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultants' team has an extensive experience and knowledge in Personal Status & Inheritance cases since the team members are well aware about Islamic jurisprudence and the UAE Personal Status Law, which are the two main references for these cases.

These services include the representation of the client before all courts in the United Arab Emirates, special judicial committees and family guidance offices, along with the provision of legal and Islamic sharia consultancy in this regard.

As for personal status cases, the law firm provides, including but not limited to, consultancy on cases of (marriage, divorce, custody, alimony, proof of divorce, proof of marriage and verification and denial of lineage).

With regard to inheritance cases, the law firm provides legal and Islamic sharia consultancy in all fields, including (lawsuits of interdiction, determination of inheritance, restriction & liquidation of estate and disengagement thereof for Muslims and others) and other matters, in addition to following up the implementation of judicial judgments.

The said cases are handled by a group of licensed legal consultants, lawyers and researchers in the United Arab Emirates with scientific qualifications and practical experiences.

Ibrahim Moosa law firm's efficiency, expertise and perfect awareness have been evidenced by having rulings issued in favor of our clients in such major and important cases in the courtyards and before judiciary.

The population structure of the UAE is multi-national, with more than 200 nationalities living on the land of the UAE representing more than 150 nationalities and using more than 100 dialects.

This large disparity in cultures, beliefs…etc. is accompanied by many cases (marriage, divorce, custody, alimony, proof of divorce or marriage, establishing paternity…etc.).

This is where the firm of Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultant Law Firm is engaged in the recruitment of leading specialist lawyers, consultants, and scholars working deeply in these cases to fulfill our obligations and keep up with the goodwill we have gained over the years towards all our clients