Other Main Legal Consultancy Services in Dubai UAE

Finally, Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultant Law Firm is a service comprehensive and integrated legal institution that is committed to providing legal solutions to all its clients and principals, and ensuring their rights in various cases, legal matters and intractable cases.

In addition, it saves the difficulty of finding a legal way out for their legal problems by informing them with the rules and regulations applied in the courts and the competent authorities, informing them with the legal aspects of their cases, reviewing all the possible solutions for each case separately, and indicating the obstacles and all the possibilities without any forgery.

This takes place after the depth of research in their cases by an elite group of the most prominent legal cadres and fully experienced in the courts and benches.

Hence, they prepare objection and appeal statements, grievances, various correspondences, attend the sessions of the clients, and inform them with all the latest developments in their cases in while they are at their homes or offices.

This has expanded our customer base year after year, thanks to our care, diligence, dedicated engagement and sustained effort to fulfill our obligations to our clients away from any false promises or hopes.

We explain to our clients their position in the case, and lay it all on the table.

Ibrahim Moosa law firm provides a group of distinguished services to its clients in the different fields, as follows:

1- Legal Consultancy:

The services provided by the law firm in the filed of legal consultancy include the following:

- To provide legal consultancy to individuals, financial companies and institutions along with the commercial banks in everything related to the field of commercial business and legal practices, as well as drafting and documentation of contracts and agreements.

- To provide legal consultancy in the field of international law, the UAE laws and the Companies laws, in addition to the registration and incorporation of commercial and civil companies.

- To provide consultancies in the field of real estate law and real estate sector in general.

- To provide legal consultancy in the field of finance and banking cases.

- To provide legal consultancy in the filed of local, regional and international tax laws.

- To provide legal consultancy in the field of labor law and determination of the rights and duties of working parties pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates.

- To provide legal consultancy on laws of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

- To provide legal consultancy in the arbitration cases and disputes related thereto.

2- Legal advice before litigation:

Undoubtedly, it is important to provide legal advice to the client or the company before litigation, so as the client can recognize its legal position and status, even though the client has an interest in such litigation.

Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultants law firm assesses the legal status of the client or the company, along with the provision of advice thereto in legal cases filed or to be filed by or against the client or the company.

Thus, documents, papers, evidence, and everything related to the case to should be reviewed to find the right legal opinion and the best available means before deciding whether litigation is in favor of the client or not.

3- Litigation:

The litigation service provided by Ibrahim Moosa Law firm includes representation of clients before various courts, public and private judicial committees, and judicial bodies in the State and abroad, in a manner that preserves their rights.

4- Alternative solutions for litigation, dispute settlement and arbitration:

Ibrahim Moosa Law Firm is working to find the best solutions that can benefit the client before resorting to litigation and disputes such as mediation and arbitration to settle any dispute that may arise between contracting parties. Therefore, we save efforts and costs for the parties, which may arise the litigation procedures.

5- Negotiation:

Ibrahim Moosa Law Firm is responsible for representing clients in negotiating with others in contracts that are referred to them for concluding contracts on their behalf under the law, in addition to representing them in incorporating companies and solving disputes of companies on sound legal bases.

6- Legal representation:

Ibrahim Moosa Law Firm is responsible for the legal representation of its clients in all transactions and contracts assigned thereto.

The law firm's staff also handles legal procedures before various government agencies, police stations and prosecutors in the UAE.