Experienced Commercial Disputes Consultants in Dubai UAE

Thanks to its experienced consultants and lawyers and in-depth and licensed legal researchers with high educational qualifications and extensive field experiences

Ebrahim Moosa law firm has succeeded to be the dark horse in lease cases and disputes, including the following:

- Preparation of lease contracts, follow-up of tenants for the renewal of their lease contracts and collection of the due rents;

- Taking all legal procedures relating to the collection of rent value and evacuation of premises;

- Representation of owners or tenants before all courts in the United Arab Emirates, special judicial committees, the Department of Land and the municipality in the cases filed by or against the clients;

- Taking any action necessary for the interest of the clients in accordance with the applicable procedures and regulations in the State.

- Provision of legal consultancy, follow-up the implementation of judicial orders; and

- Management of real estate and drafting contracts related thereto and representation of the clients before all State authorities.

Since the establishment of the Union of Emirates in 1971, the UAE has been keen to strengthen its position as a major center for global trade activities, and to improve the overall performance of the national economy.

This create a network of economic relations for the UAE at the local and global levels.

As a result of this opening, many cases were created for landlords and tenants, property management, contract drafting and registration in the Trade Agencies Register, and other violations of the Trade Agencies Act.

This is engaged by Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultant Law Firm since its establishment to assist its clients in the existing disputes due to violating the provisions of the Trade Agencies Law, provide legal advice, draft and register commercial agencies, assist in the selection of local agents and commercial distributors, represent the client before courts and judicial committees, and other things thanks to an elite of experienced field professionals and academic expertise of lawyers and advisors licensed in the State.