Experienced Criminal Cases legal Consultant in Dubai UAE

Ibrahim Moosa law firm has considerable long experience in the criminal cases, thanks to its distinguished team of licensed legal consultants, lawyers and researchers in the State with high educational qualifications and practical experiences.

The law firm's services in this field include the following:

- To appear before courts, handle pleadings and defend the clients before all criminal courts, criminal offenses and state security courts and attorney general at their different degrees, types and headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, whether in the client is a plaintiff or a defendant;

- To represent the clients before all police stations in the United Arab Emirates and lodge criminal complaints;

- To represent the clients in civil action and claim of compensations for damages incurred by the client as a result of any criminal action against the client; and

- To provide legal consultancy and follow up the implementation of judicial rulings.

Our team's credibility in work and excellence of performance have been proved by the judiciary rulings we had in the courtyards of these cases.

There is no doubt that all the large law firms have a number of advisors who are assisting lawyers.

However, there are lawyers who assign almost exclusively their cases to such advisors, and regardless of the efficiency and diligence of the advisor, the lawyers who do not follow up all the details of their cases, especially in criminal cases of various kinds including misdemeanors, offenses and the state security that risk the freedom, safety, security and lives of their clients.

This is what the lawyers of Ibrahim Moosa Advocates & Legal Consultant keep in mind regarding all the cases assigned to them, and this is confirmed by the courtrooms and benches in the State.